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Cosmetic surgery trend in China: pets altered for “Mickey Ears”

Animal experts are urging an end to a concerning trend in China where pets undergo cosmetic surgery to resemble Disney’s iconic character, Mickey Mouse, reports South China Morning Post.

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An advertisement from a pet clinic in Chongqing’s Beibei district has garnered attention for offering a “Mickey ear” procedure at 300 yuan (US$40) with completion by the Chinese Spring Festival, depending on the clinic’s production schedule.

Liu Yundong, a dean at Loving Care International Pet Medical Centre in Beijing, detailed the two-part process. First involves surgical removal under anesthesia lasting about 30 minutes.

The second phase styles the ears to stand upright, a process spanning 20 to 60 days, demanding frequent adjustments for permanent positioning.

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Leading experts highlight the physical pain and emotional distress inflicted, demanding an end to such practices.

Although it is legal to carry out the procedure, reputable big city animal hospitals seldom perform this type of surgery on pets.

“It is rarely performed in pet hospitals in tier-one cities but is common in dog kennels and breeding facilities. Currently, there are no legal restrictions on this surgery in China. It’s a moral issue,” Liu said.

“As veterinarians, we adhere to the principle of animal welfare and do not advocate these surgeries. The colleagues I’ve encountered are tacitly opposed to such surgeries.”

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He emphasised that the surgery’s impact on pets includes physical pain and psychological torment, along with the risks of having anaesthesia, which could lead to psychological trauma as well as physical side effects.

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