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Corporations want to serve ads in our dreams

The TDI dream incubation technology is still in development, but it is already causing concern among scientists. To clarify the situation, 40 experts studying various aspects of sleep wrote an open letter.

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In their statement, they urge the authorities to pay attention to the new development. Big business is interested in it, because it plans to integrate advertising of its products into dreams, reports Science Magazine.

The control of human thought through the objective incubation of dreams is already real.

TDI will be able to embed any information in the thoughts and dreams of a person. These data will influence the behavior of the lifestyle for a long time. In terms of its effect, this development can be compared to deep hypnosis.

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The giant companies immediately realized that in this way they could advertise their products. A person goes to bed, sees in a dream an advertisement that cuts deeply into the subconscious, and wakes up in the morning with a desire to purchase this or that product.

Similar technology was used as an experiment before the American Super Bowl. The Molson Coors Brewing Corporation gathered a group of volunteers, gave them sleeping pills daily, and let them watch videos of their beer before bed.

Then people were woken up, asked what they had seen in their dreams, and they told that they saw how they quenched their thirst with beer.

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The control of the human subconscious and TDI can in fact become a serious threat to all of humanity. Therefore, we urgently need to take control of these developments, scientists say.

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