Cops Share Their Most Disturbing Real Paranormal Encounters

Most cops will tell you they’ve seen it all. But what about the paranormal?

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Consider this: who makes a better witness than a cop? Since police officers are skilled observers who regularly delve into the unknown, it’s no surprise that some of the strongest paranormal encounters we’ve ever heard have come from police officers.

Justice from the Grave

It was my second year as an Oregon State trooper. As I was riding in the cop car with my partner, a dispatch call came through about a man holding a gun to a woman’s head, so we immediately drove to the location.

When we got there, there was a woman crying and repeating over and over, “He shot me, he shot me.” “He didn’t shoot you,” we replied but she kept on about it. We asked her if she had any family around where she could go and stay and she said no.

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She wouldn’t allow us to take her anywhere else, so after a while we asked if she would be ok on her own. She said yes, so since the man in question was never seen, we left the scene.

At the end of our shift we told the other dispatchers and officers about the weird call, so one of them decided to look the woman up and his face went pale. It turns out that the woman had died by the hands of her husband who shot her in the head six years prior to our encounter and he was never caught. We decided to move on and keep quiet about what we found out.

Two years after the incident, I was training a rookie cop when a call came in from the same house, it was from the same woman so I had to head out there and find out what was really going on. When we got there, our radios strangely started to crackle as we approached her, she simply pointed to the inside of the house and said:

“He’s in there.”

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We pulled out guns out and found a man inside the household, the same man who had shot the woman before. He got 20 years for her murder and we never heard another call from that house again, till this day.

This story still haunts me and I ask myself, was it a coincidence that we found the man? Or was it her pointing us to her killer? I guess she finally got to rest in peace.

Calling for Backup

One day I pulled over a man for speeding. As I was making my way towards his car, I got an eerie feeling so I turned back to my squad car when suddenly out of nowhere I felt a breeze and heard the door from the passenger side slammed close.

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As I looked up, I saw a female officer round about my age sitting on the seat. I had not radio’ed for backup and I didn’t see any other squad cars around and there’s no way she got out of the other vehicle since I had just left it. My K-9 Sargeant was going berserk and was snapping and growling at the female officer.

“Hello,” I said to her. “May I help you?”

“He has a gun by his seat,” she said.

I turned for a split second to make sure the car was still there and when I turned back, she had vanished. I went towards the car and arrested the man on the scene, I searched the seat and there it was, the gun she had warned me about. When I took him in, I learned they had been looking for him for the murder of a young female cop he murdered 20 years ago. He was sentenced to life in prison for his crime.

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Later that night I was playing catch with Sargeant, when the female officers appeared to me and said, “Thank you.” “No, thank you,” I told her she saved my life, and she said, “I was only doing my job – he would have killed you with the same gun he used to kill me. You’ve brought me peace and happiness.”

After that she disappeared. I haven’t seen the officer again, but there’s talk around the officers who come in after a shift from time to time, sort of spooked, stating that a mysterious person came to warn them about danger.

The Key Holder

My partner and I responded to a call about an alarm going off at an office building. It was an old building that had been converted into doctor’s offices and had a pharmacy attached to it.

The motion signal that triggered the alarm was an office upstairs; after the key holder arrived we went in to secure the premises. The door that leads to the stairs was locked and the key holder weirdly didn’t have keys to it so we took the elevator up to the second floor.

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After exiting the elevator we stumbled upon a long hallway full of nothing but darkness, except for an overhead lamp at the end of the hall.

As we make our way checking doors, so far they are all secured, we get to the last office and it’s unlocked. We entered and we see that is an empty one with several exam rooms and a reception area and everything is clear.

As soon as we exit the office, something seems off right away. Suddenly the overhead light at the end of the hall has now been replaced with one by the elevators. I look at my partner and he’s completely white, I asked him what was wrong and said, “Weren’t those doors we just checked locked?

Well, now they are all completely open.” So we go back and check each and every one of them and they are all clear. On our way out just before we turn the corner, the main door slams shut and our radios started to get some sort of static. Now I just want to get the hell out of there.

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We took the elevator down and looked for the key holder but he’s nowhere to be found, so I contacted dispatch to get a hold of him but they tell us that the key holder is barely on her way, about 5 minutes or so.

I call them back and they tell me that it is impossible for us to have been with him since they’ve only been able to reach one and she was on her way. When she finally arrives (this time a woman) I start to tell her about the man that let us in. What did he look like? She asked as I was giving her the description of the person.

She told us that I was describing the doctor who used to lease the office on the second floor; he had committed suicide in his home several days before that.

Now if we get a dispatch from that building, I won’t go back there.

Did You See Mama?

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I was sent one day to a runaway juvenile/missing person call. While I was taking the report of the missing person, their eldest daughter comes out of the other room, points towards the hallway and yells, “Grandma!” The husband ran towards the hallway yelling, “Ma, ma.”

“Did you see her? Did you see my mother?” the father asked. “No, I didn’t. Why are you surprised to see her walking down the hall? I asked,

“She died last year,” the father replied, “We see her walking around the house all the time.”

Needless to say, I took the rest of the report out on the porch.

Lady ghost

She’s Inside the House

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I’ve never been a believer in the paranormal, but that day I made an exception. I responded to a call made by an elderly lady. She reported that she kept seeing a young girl running through her yard and she was afraid of vandalism or maybe worse.

On my way over, it started to pour like there’s no tomorrow, lightning and thunder too. When I arrived at the residence, she pointed to where the yard was and I made my way over there. I tried to shine my flashlight along and asked, “Is anyone out here? C’mon out.” But nothing, all I heard was the sound of loud thunder in the back.

I made my way back inside the house and the lady (now trembling in a corner) told me, “She’s inside the house.”

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I hear a thump in the background and I see a young girl (about 13) running from one side of the house to the other. I quickly moved towards her and asked her to stop, but then she disappears right in front of me. I thought it was my eyes playing a trick on me but then the lady yells out, “There, there she is, right outside.”

I turned towards a big window leading to the backyard and there she was running around, but how did she get passed me to exit to the back door?? I immediately went outside and she had vanished, again.

After I wasn’t able to find anything and with no logical explanation, I told the lady the girl had run away and I wasn’t able to catch her due to the weather. I asked her to calm her down.

Some months later passed and I found out the elderly woman had passed away and some new people had moved into her old home. Not long after that, dispatch picked up a call from the same house.

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Now the new tenants reported a young girl running around in their backyard and suddenly appearing inside their house. I let someone else pick the call.

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