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Cop who reported ‘UFO death riddle’ talks of being hounded by mysterious agent who silenced him

Alan Godfrey is a retired police constable of the West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police Force in the UK. While on duty on the morning of 28th November 1980 he had been investigating a case of a missing herd of cows, from his police car he saw a bright light in the road ahead that he describes as a hovering, rotating object.

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Missing time and an attempted cover-up by the MOD and his superiors impacted both Alan’s personal and professional life.

A few months before his UFO encounter Alan was involved in a mysterious case. In the afternoon of the 11th of June of 1980 a dead body was found that was later identified as Zigmund Adamski, he had been missing for 5 days and lived in a village at a distance of about 30 km from the site.

Alan Godfrey
Alan Godfrey

Alan was called in to investigate the case. The body was lying on its back on the top of a high coal heap, dressed by someone else as the jacket had been fastened unevenly, the shirt was missing and the shoes had not been tied properly.

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Mr Adamski’s head had been shaved and bore a ring of burn marks. A slimy yellow-green substance was seeping from a neck wound.


Also, there were no trails that could explain how the body got there. It was as if the body had been dropped from above.

The two incidents were linked by the media and PC Godfrey became a household name.

During a recent interview with, he recalled that the case had attracted the attention of senior officers and a mysterious individual who he believed was some sort of government agent.

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One day he was called into the office of his chief inspector.

Sat to one side, Alan tells podcast presenter Danny Robins, was a man in civilian clothes who was sat with a thick file on his knee.

Alan said: “Me being me, I asked who he was and he just said: ‘All you need to know is I’m the man from the ministry.'”

Whether he meant the Ministry of Defence (MoD), another government ministry or something else entirely, Alan says he doesn’t know.

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Alan noticed a sketch he had made of the UFO while sat in his police car watching the hovering craft was in the mysterious man’s file.

He said: “I was ordered under the Official Secrets Act not to disclose anything to the media… about Adamski or my own encounter.”

Alan said they were further encounters with the ‘ministry’ man whom he described as an ‘arrogant b******’.

PC Godfrey was having a pint in his local pub when the sinister man reappeared.

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“I told him to take a long walk on a short pier but in a good Yorkshire version of it,” Alan said.

Alan later left West Yorkshire Police and his life began to fall apart.

He said: “It wrecked me. It completely changed me.

“I ended up drinking a bottle of whisky every single day. I was nearly an alcoholic. It drove me to despair.

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“My marriage broke up. I ended up in a friends’ attic bedroom, in the gutter.

“I will always remember that Christmas Day. I had no money. I couldn’t even buy my kids’ Christmas presents…

“I was an absolute shambles.”

Alan has since talked about his ordeal and believes he was silenced by the government.

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  1. It could be Alans wife wanted to get rid of him and hearing Alans story gave her a chance to make Alan believe Aliens from the high ministry were after him by hiring an actor to play the silencing agent. Women are never happy. I know. Ive never known a woman to be happy. They are like praying mentis that kill their mate after sex. Thats why Im single. I even drake a pint of whiskey every day like Alan thinking about the monsters.
    i even want to sing my dream girl this song
    Show Me The Way
    I wonder how your feeling
    Theres ringing in my ears
    And no one to relate to cept the sea
    Who can I believe in
    Im kneeling on the floor
    There has to be a force, who do I phone
    The stars are out and shinning
    But all I really want to know

    Oh wont you show me the way

    When I can see no reason
    Youre living on your nerves
    When someone drops a cop and I submerge
    Im swimming in a circle
    I feel Im going down
    There has to be a fool to play my part
    Well someone thought of healing
    But all I really want to know

    Oh wont you show me the way
    I want you day after day

    I wonder if I Im dreaming
    I feel so unashamed
    I cant believe this is happening to me
    I watch you when youre sleeping
    I want to take you love

    Oh I want you…..

    Than like the mentis they kill you.
    Its what happened to Alan.

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