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Contact with aliens has been going on for 50 years, says Uri Geller

Uri Geller
Uri Geller claims that over the past 50 years, humanity has been in contact with aliens. When the CIA allegedly received confirmation of his mind control abilities, he was invited to join NASA, reports

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Geller was invited to the NASA base in Maryland in 1974, where he saw facts confirming the existence of alien civilizations.

74-year-old Uri Geller said that at the base he was shown a piece of metal stored in a safe. He took it and immediately realized that he was definitely not from Earth. NASA employee Wernher von Braun confirmed that he is right, and that this is in fact a fragment of a UFO that once crashed on Earth.

Uri said: “I touched it and told Wernher, ‘this is not from our planet’. He said, ‘You’re right – this is a piece of a UFO that crashed on Earth’.’’

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Uri added that his jaw dropped when he saw the contents of NASA refrigerators. However, he stressed that he had no right to talk about what had been taken away, since he had signed non-disclosure documents.

Geller stated that the only thing he can confidently report is that we have been in contact with alien civilizations for a long time.

Uri said he was surprised by the reaction of the American authorities to the report of 144 possible UFO sightings. They are still not sure what it really was. Although in fact they know much more than they themselves state.

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