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Congresswoman says she absolutely believes UFOs are not of human origin

A Congresswoman from Florida asserts her belief that certain UFO sightings, garnering recent attention, may be attributable to “non-human origin” and potentially involve “inter-dimensional beings.”

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Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, engaged in inquiries and historic hearings with military whistleblowers probing into UFO claims.

Luna shared on The Grant Mitt Podcast that, following a classified meeting with Air Force whistleblowers, she is firmly convinced that the described aircraft are “of non-human origin.”

Additionally, she recounted being subjected to what is colloquially known as being “men-in-black” during the meeting, initially by Pentagon officials attempting to cancel the visit, and later by unexplained CIA agents shadowing her interactions with Air Force personnel.

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The term “men-in-black” alludes to a pop-culture conspiracy theory involving government agents in black suits, traditionally associated with efforts to silence individuals regarding UFO sightings.

“Being a member of Oversight, we follow up with whistleblowers, and we also can conduct our own investigations,” she told Mitterlehner.

“I can tell you, based on my investigations, not in a classified setting, that I absolutely believe that there is things that are advanced technologies not of human origin,” she told Mitterlehner.

Luna, Gaetz, and others have pressed the Pentagon to declassify material related to UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena).

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Pilots at Eglin had come forward to Representative Gaetz’s office to say that the Air Force was covering up UAP activity, and that Congress needed to look into it.

“We coordinated the meeting,” Luna said. “The Pentagon tried to initially cancel the first one. We got it back on the books. We show up there, and we get in, and the base commander tried to basically tell us that we didn’t have authorized clearance to look into and speak to some of the witnesses.

“Have you received classified information?” Mitterlehner asked Luna.

“Yeah, but I can’t talk about that,” she replied

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When asked about whether she had believed in aliens before she became a member of congress, Luna corrected the record.

“I wouldn’t call them aliens,” she said. “I really like what Grusch calls them: He says that they’re inter-dimensional beings, and he”s very specific about that.”

What this means, Luna clarified, was that “they’re not necessarily a biological entity from another planet per se.”

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