Communication Breakdown Spell

Magick book, magic spellsDo you ever wonder if you’re being heard? Maybe your partner just doesn’t seem to understand your needs. Maybe it’s a miscommunication on the job. How about the kids? Yeah, I know how it is.

You will need a piece of paper and a pen, a white tealight candle, and a fire-safe container.

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Write everything you need to communicate on the paper. Light the tealight candle and catch a corner of the paper on fire. Place the burning paper in the fire-safe container and let it burn to ash. Then lift the container and say:

“Element of air, send my words to every ear
So that communication can now be clear.
With the power of wind and breath and song,
Let the magick hold, my message strong.”

Blow the ash into the breeze.

If communication has broken down in your life, use the element of air to build it back up. This spell works well on a breezy day.

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