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Communicating With The Deceased: What is Channeling?

channelingChanneling is a way of communicating psychically with the deceased through claireaudience (clear hearing) or clairvoyance (clear sight).

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People who channel are known as Psychics or Physical Mediums. The individual’s beliefs and spirituality can be most important to the nurturing and development of their psychic ability. Many saints known to Christianity had psychic visions and were quiet adept at sensing the presences of the deceased.

Communication in a mediumistic sense can also encompass the ability to hear heavenly voices and translate their messages to others.

How Can You Be Sure You Are A Medium?

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Sometimes knowing you are a medium is very simple, in short, you see and hear dead people! At other times, because of your beliefs or your upbringing, you may take longer to understand why you hear voices, see glowing figures, or perceive shadow people.

Perhaps no one else in your family will admit to having these experiences, but chances are, someone in your family has had similar experiences and is not comfortable admitting it.

Times have changed drastically in the past 25 years and psychics and mediums are now more accepted than ever! Do not be afraid to admit what you see or hear and do not be afraid to develop your abilities! Even those who are in charge of your spirituality and spiritual growth are now coming to terms with the idea that psychics exist and are real.

Why Would Anyone Want To Channel Spirits?

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Being a Medium can be quite frightening in the beginning. You must become accustomed to seeing what should, by all accounts, not exist! You must come to terms with the fact that you can hear voices and you are not insane! These two facts fly in the face of conventional and traditional thought and can be very hard to overcome.

In the past our spiritual leaders were taught to dispel our fears by telling us that ghosts do not exist. Now they are changing their tune because now, we know differently. They are becoming increasingly aware that the root word of spirituality is SPIRIT! Without spirit, there would be no spirituality!

However, when all is said and done and the fear has left you, it can be a most rewarding gift to have. There are times when you will experience a great feeling of exhilaration, each time you have spoken to someone who is deceased. Channeling is a very natural way to help others.

We in the physical body cannot see everything that is happening all at once. Those in spirit can. We can gain important insights from the spirit world if we just take the time and energy to ask.

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Channeling can also bring you closer to your creator and deepen your spirituality especially when you are in the habit of praying and meditating to maintain your energy.

How Do I Prepare To Channel?

When preparing to channel you must meditate! Meditate on what you wish to accomplish. Meditate on whoever needs your help, what they want to know and who they wish to hear from.

Pray. Praying is an important part of staying safe! You can have the help of God, the Angels and Saints. God wants us to be aware of the other side! God wants us to be connected to the spirit! Do not cut God out of the equation or you will find yourself in a tough spot when a negative spirit decides to come through instead of the intended soul.

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Smudge the room! Never forget to do this. You must smudge with the intent to keep negative spirits and negative persons out. If your client is coming to see you with the intent (either known to them or unknown) of taking your energy and leaving you spent, you must make sure they are not satisfied.

To allow another to steal your energy or to manipulate you with their energies is tantamount to psychic rape. You must protect yourself and cut them off at the source and the source is you.

Also, if another takes your energy on a regular basis, they can make you quite ill and with prolonged exposure even kill you. Burn white candles and remember to cling to your spirituality.

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