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Common Signs and Benefits of Spirit Communication

Do you believe in spirit communication? Do ethereal entities actually exist in the physical realm and help guide us through life? In a recent poll conducted by CBS, 48 percent of Americans stated that they believe spirits exist, while a Gallup poll showed that one third of Americans believe it is possible to communicate with spirits.

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While scientific evidence on spirit communication is controversial, most investigators believe spirit contact is possible, but the signs that it is occurring are subtle. As a result, a person receiving contact may view it as a coincidence or ignore it completely.

Here are the five most common signs of spirit contact and describes how a loved one who has passed on may be reaching out and attempting to communicate.

Seeing Vague Images

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Some people report seeing smoky shapes which may or may not be a human form, shadows or flashes of light in their peripheral vision. Others have reported glimpsing a figure which resembled a loved one who had passed away.

These images are fleeting and turning towards them usually causes them to vanish.

Seeing Lights

Spirits are “made” of energy with light being one of the most common forms of energy. When a spirit is present, the lights in a room may react to its energy by flickering or going out completely.

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Another indication of a spirit presence is odd floating lights. These are referred to as orbs or ghost lights. Orbs can appear as tiny flashing pinpoints of light or can move about in a random way.

Sudden Change In Temperature

One of the most common signs of a spirit presence is a rapid and unexplainable temperature change in a room. Cold temperatures are more commonly associated with the presence of a spirit.

You may walk into a room and notice it is significantly cooler than other areas of the house or feel an unexplained draft.

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Suddenly Remembering a Specific Event

Suddenly thinking about a certain event associated with a loved one who has passed on is referred to as a “waking dream.” When it occurs, it may be an indication that the spirit of a deceased friend or relative wants you to know they are still a part of your life.

Triggering the memory of an event that both of you enjoyed is one method a spirit uses to validate its identity and show its presence.

Dreaming of a Deceased Loved One

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A person grieving often finds comfort at having a loved one appear in a dream. These dreams can be extremely vivid and give the impression that the loved one is actually with you. They can also appear as reenactments of events which occurred when the loved one was alive or as messages offering reassurance or conveying love.

Spirit communication should not be feared or seen as part of the occult. It can be a rewarding experience which can connect you with a loved one, provide guidance and bring comfort to those who are grieving.

The Benefits of Spirit Communication

Why do people want to communicate with spirits? Because spirit contact can be a rewarding experience that may promote healing and personal growth.

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What do Shirley McClain, Linda Evans, Brett Michaels, Alice Cooper, Sugar Ray Leonard and Joan Rivers have in common? Besides being celebrities, all have admitted to having contact with spirits at some point in their lives.

Spirit contact is not exclusive to celebrities nor is it something which should be considered evil or sinful. The theory that the soul survives beyond the death of the physical body is part of many faith systems. Most also believe that spirits co-exist with the living and can may help us through the difficulties encountered in life.

Healing and Personal Growth

Spirit communication is most often used to promote healing. A person who needs to heal may be seeking emotional closure, relief from grief or strength during a difficult time. Contact with spirits can encourage this type of healing while also providing the acceptance, insight and the knowledge necessary to get one’s life back on track.

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Communication with the other side can also be used to learn more about yourself and uncover your purpose in life. The knowledge gained from spirit contact can help you understand why you feel and act as you do and direct your energy in a positive manner.

By focusing your concentration in the proper direction, you will be better equipped to achieve your goals.


Countless numbers of people grieving a loved one claim they have been comforted by contact with the other side. Often it is loved ones who have passed who initiate the contact.

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Some people report that they communicate with deceased loved ones on a regular basis. Besides receiving comfort, they also find solace in the belief that their existence will continue after death.


Communicating with loved ones who have passed provides an opportunity to resolve open issues or tie up loose ends. Disagreements and quarrels are a natural part of life. Close friends, family members and lovers often find themselves at odds.

Unfortunately, we don’t always know in advance when a loved one is about to reach the end of their physical life. In some cases, life ends before a dispute is resolved, leaving the living with feelings of guilt or grief.

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Communicating with spirits can provide the opportunity to resolve argument, heal emotional wounds and all one to apologize, forgive, reconcile or to say “good-bye” or “I love you.”

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