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Colombian priest claims that he was invited to perform exorcism by the President

exorcismPadre Chucho, a Catholic priest who has become a celebrity in Colombia, recently disclosed himself to have made peculiar statements on TV.

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The retraction centers on Chucho ‘s claims that the new Colombian President, Ivan Daque, had asked the priest to come to the famous presidential palace of Colombia, Casa de Narino, to perform an exorcism.

The priest stated that President Daque had demanded his presence to “cast out demons” from the palace, while President Daque is a practicing Catholic, there is no evidence to support his belief in literal demonic possession or haunting or that he has at any time sought related services from the Church.

Chucho later withdrew statement in the social media, saying that nobody from the President’s administration had contacted him.

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This was not the first time that Chucho, whose real name is Father Jesús Hernán Orjuela, spoke of exorcism. He became famous as a host at the morning talk show where he often spoke about exorcisms and other issues relating to religion and the Catholic faith.

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