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Closing Your Chakras for Psychic Protection

Chakra work is a huge part of psychic and spiritual development. We hear a lot about opening chakras to connect with Source and the Higher Self, but what about closing chakras? Normally when you hear about closed chakras it’s a sign of imbalance, illness or dormant spiritual development.

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But for those of us on the path, is there a time when you would want to close your chakras? Yes, closing your chakras can come in handy for psychic protection.

Why Close Down Your Chakras?

Your chakras are your spiritual and vital life force energy centers. In addition to the seven main ones, you have minor chakras in your hands and feet. These areas connect you to Spirit as well as to the environment around you.

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Logic says that you would want to keep these centers open in order to keep your energy going. And that’s true, but think of your chakras as being adjustable. Sometimes you want and need more energy and sometimes you need downtime.

When connecting with higher spiritual and psychic energies of course you want to open your chakras wider. This enables you to hone in on those higher frequency vibrations. You normally do this when in a meditative or relaxed state alone or with others in a safe spiritual environment.

This high intensity energy can be invigorating, but too much of it can be draining. It’s almost like too much electrical current flowing through an appliance. It will heat up and eventually short out. Although you are not going to short out, too much energy can leave you feeling drained and burnt out. Closing down your chakras can help avoid this situation.

Also think about other everyday situations. Do you want your chakras to be wide open when you’re out walking in a crowded city street? Or while you’re around angry and negative people? Those wide-open chakras won’t only pick up the good vibes; they will absorb the negative ones too. Closing down your chakras can help protect your energy from becoming contaminated.

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Finally, there are nefarious entities out there that would love nothing more than to come and steal your energy. These psychic vampires send out energetic cords much like a fishing line and look to reel in other people’s vital life force.

Their cords can attach to your aura or they can go straight for your chakras. Closing down your chakras is a good form of protection. It serves as a psychic “No Trespassing�? sign. Those energy stealers will get the message and move on.

How to Close Down Your Chakras

Your chakras are very responsive to your thoughts and intentions. So just by enacting your will alone, you can close down your chakras. But if you’re like most people, having a process or procedure can make things easier.

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One method is to visualize your chakras as flowers. You can see them as seven flowers forming a column from the base of your spine to the top of your head. You can even choose the corresponding chakra color for each flower.

For example, you could choose a red rose for your root chakra, an orange tiger lily for the sacral chakra and so on. When you want to close your chakras, see the petals of the flowers coming together and closing. To open the chakras, simply see the petals opening.

Another method is to visualize you chakras as camera eye shutters. Just like a camera eye adjusts to let different amounts of light in, you can adjust your chakra openings to let energy in. Play around with these methods and see what works best for you.

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Remember, your chakras are powerful vortexes of energy. Protect them well and they will protect you!

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