Cigar-shaped UFO mothership hovering over Italy

On February 18, 2024, an unidentified object was filmed (see video below) over the Italian city of Lucca, in the Tuscany region, which looked like a large white stick in the sky.

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In ufology, such UFOs are most often called cigar-shaped and it is believed that these ships are motherships, that is, large flying bases with a crew.

This video, posted to a UFO group on Facebook, aroused great interest among both UFO enthusiasts and skeptics.

First of all, because such a large UFO was photographed during the day (a very rare occurrence), and secondly, it is not just a standard “cigar”, but with some unusual black rings on both edges.

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The object appeared to simply hover motionless in the sky, but it is unknown how long it remained there.

It does not look like an airship, drone or other type of known aircraft. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether this video is genuine or fake.

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