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CIA psychic correctly named the place where the remains of a missing boy were found

On July 8, 2023, in the quaint Alpine village of Le Vernet, France, a two-year-old boy named Emile Soleil disappeared after his parents entrusted him to his grandfather for the summer.

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Despite an exhaustive search conducted by the police throughout the entire area, the child was never located, neither alive nor deceased. With only 25 residents residing in Le Vernet, every individual was interviewed by law enforcement, yet the last confirmed sighting of Emile depicted him innocently strolling along the village’s sole street, leaving his fate shrouded in mystery.

However, on March 30, 2024, a grim discovery was made when the skeletal remains of the missing child were found in a small field nestled between the village church and another adjacent building, just a kilometer away from his grandfather’s residence where he vanished.

Surprisingly, a statement surfaced in the British tabloid The Sun, authored by 74-year-old Ed Dames, a former CIA psychic who purportedly participated in a clandestine program.

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Dames claimed to have dispatched letters to the French authorities in December 2023, pinpointing the location of Emile’s remains. Supporting his assertion, Dames provided email correspondence indicating that he had identified the vicinity as “located in or near a field,” precisely matching the spot where Emile’s skeleton was eventually recovered.

Despite Dames’ assertions, it appears the authorities overlooked his missives, as the child’s remains were stumbled upon serendipitously by an unidentified passerby traversing the path adjacent to the field.

Allegedly, the area had been thoroughly scrutinized by law enforcement the previous summer, even employing canine units, while locals frequently traversed the path, and lumberjacks operated in the vicinity during the fall. The sudden appearance of the bones raises suspicions of foul play, suggesting the possibility of post-disappearance tampering.

Dames claimed to have employed a technique known as “remote viewing,” purportedly utilized during the Cold War by American and Russian psychics affiliated with government agencies to clandestinely gather intelligence on classified enemy military installations.

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Expressing a sense of urgency, Dames emphasized the expeditiousness with which he identified the location, asserting his prior involvement with the CIA’s defunct special psychic intelligence unit, where he held the rank of major. Incidentally, the 2009 comedy film “Men Who Stare at Goats” delves into the exploits of this unit.

Subsequent genetic analysis conclusively linked the discovered remains to the missing Emile Soleil. The prevailing sentiment among locals dismisses the notion that the toddler could have wandered off in that direction unaided, fueling suspicions of abduction and potential foul play.

Moreover, the village of Le Vernet has been plagued by an unusual number of violent deaths in recent years, including the proprietor of a local café in 2008 and the tragic crash of an Airbus A320 in close proximity in 2015, claiming 150 lives. These events have led some residents to entertain notions of a curse afflicting their community, intensifying the air of mystery surrounding Emile’s tragic demise and the circumstances leading to it.

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