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CIA has been searching for crashed UFOs around the world for decades

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has allegedly been conducting searches for unidentified flying objects (UFOs) for decades, reports the British edition of the Daily Mail.

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Anonymous sources, reportedly including representatives from within the CIA, have mentioned the existence of a covert department responsible for coordinating the investigation of crashed UFO incidents worldwide. The British edition of the Daily Mail reported on this matter.

The Daily Mail quoted, “A clandestine CIA division has supposedly overseen searches for crashed UFOs across the globe for many years, as per multiple sources.”

According to these sources, the CIA utilizes a distinct system designed to identify UFOs even when they are concealed. If an otherworldly craft lands, crashes, or is brought down, specialized military units are allegedly dispatched to the site to collect debris.

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One source suggests that the CIA’s global operations extend beyond the United States to investigate UFO incidents, granting secretive access to various regions worldwide, including those in adversarial nations.

An informant has even asserted that the CIA possesses a minimum of nine extraterrestrial crafts, with two of them purportedly intact. Republican Congressman Eric Burlison mentioned that these reports have motivated him and his colleagues to conduct further inquiries.

“These are the kind of specific programs we’ve been trying to get the names of,” he said. “It’s been so difficult because we can’t get that information with specifics from Grusch or from the [Intelligence Community] Inspector General.

“I can’t confirm it’s true. But it certainly gives us a trail to follow.

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“I think that if it does exist, even if they give us no information beyond that, I think we owe it to the world to disclose that,” the politician remarked.

Additionally, US authorities recently launched a website dedicated to managing anomalous phenomena. The purpose of the site is to inform the public about the latest developments in the realm of UFOs and to stress the importance of reporting encounters with unidentified aerial objects to both military and civilian pilots.

Congress has already conducted hearings regarding the issue of UFOs and how governmental bodies handle reports concerning them. During these discussions, some participants argued that the US government not only possesses wreckage from these devices but potentially also remains of “non-human” beings associated with these craft.

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