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CIA documents show that an alien base was discovered beneath Mount Hayes

The Stargate Project was in full swing through the late 1980s. Declassified files show that the U.S. government has been using remote viewing for over a decade, the ability to see locations psychically at a distance.

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Youtube channel “It’s [redacted].” found something that made them do a double take while digging through the CIA archives: an intelligence analyst has apparently discovered three extraterrestrial bases.

The obscure handwritten document, sub-classified “Sun Streak” under purview of the DoD’s Defense Intelligence Agency, describes secret, underground facilities.

One is reported in Alaska, beneath Mount Hayes. Due to its remoteness and inaccessibility, Hayes is rarely climbed despite its status as the highest mountain in the east range of the State.

Description of Personnel Associated ET Bases
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It is also at the epicenter of what locals call the Alaska Triangle… a hot spot for reports of mysterious lights, missing hikers and even diminutive wilderness-living beings.

Therefore, exactly what did the U.S. government discover? And could a subterranean facility have anything to do with odd reports that date back decades in the area?

Description of Personnel Associated ET Bases:

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