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Telepathy people

CIA document reveal that Soviet Union was developing cybernetic telepathy

Telepathy peopleThe Soviet Union’s apparent use of extrasensory perception (ESP) and attempted creation of “cybernetic telepathy” is investigated in three recently revealed CIA papers from 1963 and 1964.

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The papers include conversations an agent had concerning the USSR’s interest in creating ESP with Soviet scientists and a student. Based on these secondhand reports, it appears that the Soviet Union’s telepathic ambitions were as successful as America’s well-documented attempts.

One source stated, “At the moment, he does not have a clear detailed language program for this.”

“Rather, he has an overall goal for the future of finding out about ESP generally.”

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In one of the reports, Soviet scientist D.A. Kerminov informed a CIA agent about his team’s effort to record (or “tape”) a pianist’s central nervous system impulses and transmit them into the arms of someone who couldn’t play the piano otherwise.

“That person would then be enabled to play difficult music – but also would retain some of this skill as permanent learning,” the agent wrote.

Kerminov, on the other hand, was unable to provide any useful information when pressed for specifics.

The agent who conducted the interview also gleaned hints of other experiments too.

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“Kerimov claimed that Vasilyev had been able to demonstrate very strong ESP (extra-sensory perception) with certain subjects, but only certain persons are capable of receiving the ‘waves,'” he wrote.

“Some of the ESP, in which Kerminov admittedly believed, involved not merely guessing events, but the prediction of future random events.”

In their own ESP and telepathy programs, both the US military and the CIA attempted to explore the limits of human ability. Thousands of pages of documentation and amazing stories were generated by all of the programs, but no psychic warriors or techniques of direct connection between man and machine were established.

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