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CIA declassified all documents about UFOs: link to archive available

The information service of the declassified archives Black Vault has submitted files that contain information about unidentified air phenomena (UFOs). Some of the data refers to the 1980s.

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John Greenewald, Jr, administrator of the Black Vault, noted that lawyers relied on approximately 10,000 provisions under the Freedom of Information Act for declassification. The process turned out to be incredibly long – 20 years.

The archive includes several thousand pages that have been scanned. It is not yet reliably known whether all the documents were actually received.

Another problem is the outdated .tif format, which complicates the use of pages in various studies, therefore some of the documents cannot be deciphered, but this does not negate the fact that the secret behind the seven locks has become clear.

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The unique data came straight from the CIA. True, it will take almost a couple of years to analyze all the data.

The link to the archive can be found here.

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