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Chupacabra killed a Honduran resident

chupacabraThe mysterious death of a handyman from a small village near the town of Siguatepeque (Honduras) has caused numerous rumors that Chupacabra killed him, writes the local site

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A farmer assistant was found dead on Tuesday in early February after being attacked by a mysterious animal who sucked all of his blood out.

Details of the incident are known from the words of neighbors. The truth does not indicate whether they really saw something or their story is based only on assumptions.

Neighbors said that the handyman got tired after a busy day and decided to take a break. He lay down in the shade of a tree next to the stones and took off his shoes.

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The unfortunate did not notice that next to his resting place was a hole of some animal, and when he settled next to it, an unidentified animal jumped out of the hole and firmly gripped in his bare foot.

The animal did not just bite the man, but began to suck the blood out of it, and soon the worker died from blood loss right on the spot.

The corpse of the man was found by his relatives only at night, when they were worried that he did not come home and went to look for him. According to the relatives, the body of the deceased was completely pale and “there was not a single drop of blood in it.”

No further details of the case are currently known. The police is investigating the circumstances of the incident.

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Chupacabra in Honduras

In April 2018, several farmers stated that the chupacabra killed 30 of their cows in less than a month.

In May 2017, something killed more than 35 domestic animals in the village of Monterrey and the locals were very scared.

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In 2009, in the district of Esparta, an unidentified predator killed 15 sheep. Local farmers immediately blamed the Chupacabra for their death.

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