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Choose an Eye and We’ll Tell You Something About Your Personality

Choose an eye and we’ll tell you something about your personality. Click on image to enlarge.

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Eye #1

You always wanted to maintain peace. You carry your rough past, affecting your life today. Most often, you’re introspective and you always try to rationalize your thoughts. You can feel that you have a lot to suffer but you’re just keeping it to yourself. Despite all these, you’re skillful at picking yourself up, and your frame of mind is amazingly sunny when you want it to be.

Eye #2

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You’re a person who loves helping others and you have an open soul. You also welcome anyone into your life and in your heart. You’re not afraid to take risks and get hurt. You’re fearless and confident and you believe that you should face your problems privately.

Eye #3

Meticulous is the best word that describes you. You wanted to be the best person and you put your heart and soul in all things you do. You are a considerate person. You see inequality and misery in the world, but you are dealing those things with yourself.

Eye #4

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You’re best described as a deep thinker and philosophical. You enjoy the journey of life despite that you think it is a huge maze. You look for deeper meaning of things and confidently figure it out. You can hide how hesitant you actually are of things.

Eye #5

You have a sensitive soul that feels everything and forgets nothing. Your deep feelings can let small details affect you, but at the same moment you can have fun and feel restored and superb. You keep your brittleness private but you are in sync with the world. You can foresee what will happen next and you feel things coming.

Eye #6

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Your life is baffling and confusing, but you are able to enjoy it. You are mysterious and have a life and soul full of contradictions. You have a wobbly mood, and some people find it hard to deal with you. Normally, you don’t show the world much about yourself.

Eye #7

You are best described as unconventional as you like weird and unusual things, thoughts, and practices. You do things on your own way despite the consequences. You don’t hide anything and you don’t care if people judge you. You think it is good to be a free spirit.

Eye #8

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You are instinctive and it appears you have a sixth sense about understanding other people around you. You are able to tell much about a person based on their tone of voice and facial expression. People cannot easily handle you, and you show them what exactly you want. You are also a great listener, and you know where you are at and what you want in your life.

Eye #9

There is nothing delicate about your personality. You’re blazing, active, and loving. You have tough opinions and you make quick and strong decisions. You can hide your anxiety and exhibit a ton of energy. It’s all about very high risks in your mind, and sometimes you help make for drama too fast.

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