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Choose A Mandala And Know What Its Secret Message For You

Mandalas have long held mysteries deep inside their complicated patterns and they represent the universe. Each one of it has a different secreted message. Pick (click on image to enlarge it) the most appealing Mandala for you and then read to find out what’s the hidden message inside this Buddhist and Hindu symbol of the metaphysical cosmos.

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Mandala #1: Honest and Interesting

Choosing this Mandala means that you’re someone who is always honest, no matter how much it may hurt. You recognize the value of always telling the truth, and you’re known for your truthful opinion concerning all things in life. Because of your blunt honesty, you’re capable of forming real and long-lasting relationships with those who run to you for advice. You’re also genuinely interesting; you have the best life stories, and always are talented in making yourself, and a room full of people laugh.

Mandala #2: Ambitious and Righteous

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Picking this Mandala means you’re someone who always endeavors to do the right thing, while still obtaining what you need out of the condition. You have a habit of going all out when completing a task or doing something amusing for your loved one. Infrequently, you feel underappreciated, and as if no one perceives the hard work you put into. You’re directed by a strong sense of what is right, and what is wrong, and you are always someone who is always eager to take risks.

Mandala #3:

If you chose this Mandala, it means that you’re known for your one-of-a-kind and distinctive personality, you make an effect on everyone you meet. You’re known for your ingenuity, you’re always capable of sneaking your way out of something or able to tell just the right tale to dodge some obligation. You’re imaginative and are capable of using your cleverness to create works of art that precisely represent your life.

Mandala #4: Thoughtful and Attentive

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Selecting this Mandala means you’re someone who is always thinking of other people, and always paying attention to the needs of the people around you. You’re always eager to expand your mind and acquire new skills. You’re always on top of things, and the first to become knowledgeable on something. People come to you for information and guidance. Though you get along well with almost everyone, you have the distinctive capability to be involved in an active and thoughtful debate with those who have different viewpoints from you.

Mandala #5: Gentle and Responsive

Picking this Mandala means that you’re just the right mixture of responsive to pick up on other people’s emotions, but gentle enough to answer back in the right way. Due to your gentle and responsive capabilities, you do well in social settings and have a huge group of friends who search for you when things get rough. People around you always seek your advice, because you always know precisely what to say. Nevertheless, don’t mistake your kindness for someone who you can mishandle, you will always stand up for yourself, and others.

Mandala #6: Assertive and Courageous

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Choosing this Mandala means that you’re confident, and know precisely how to get the things you need in life. You’re also brave, and know just how to utilize your courage to develop yourself. You’re independent, and know what you want and if you don’t already have something, you go out and get it. You know accurately how to affirm yourself, and know that a little bit of bravery and some assertion will yield you everything you want.

Based on materials from David Wolfe

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