Choose A Candle And Find Out About Your Life

It is said that our lives are greatly Influenced by the colors surrounding us. But little do we know that they represent significance that are hidden to public gaze. A strong rationale is that our intuition can be so unclear that the facts aren’t so obvious to our mind.

This is a simple test wherein you need to pick your desired candle. Simple but it is going to tell you your current state of mind and could help you find an answer to your problems.

So, choose a candle and find out about your life (click on image to enlarge).

1. Black

We always perceive Black as a sign of negativity. However, this colour has more to tell. It has the ability to summon the power of people long gone and the good memories which have been lost. Thus, we light this candle in times of sorrow, among which you’re going through right now.

2. Purple

This color symbolizes power and internal vibrations. If you’re feeling insecure or your self-esteem has dropped to its lowest, light one! The purple candle will somehow ease everything and a sense of relief will eventually blossom.

3. White

The White Candle is symbol of everything that is pure — is it our soul, our goals, and the clarity of your targets. You may wish to light one when you feel confused and lost as it may make the process clearer and soothing.

4. Blue

Blue symbolizes our physical attributes and qualities. This shade is perceived as cool and calm helping you improve your mood. Are you mentally drained by everything coming into your way? Light a Blue Candle, it creates a healing atmosphere.

5. Green

It’s the color that represents the Earth’s environment and environment. Additionally, it signifies the heart chakra in Indian Medicine. Light a Green one if you feel separated from the beauty of nature.

6. Yellow

Yellow is usually associated to a body’s mental processing. It has the biggest effect on your brain signals and is responsible for the quality of your way of thinking. Light one when you’re bombarded with studies since this can give a benefit on the clarity of the thoughts.

7. Red

In the Chinese culture, this colour Symbolizes everything that’s related to happiness. It may have other Negative connotations like danger and evil but it’s a very positive vibe. Confused with the Red Candle? Use sensibly as fire may either burn you or keep you warm.

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