Chinese schoolchild has grown to 7.2 ft and continues to grow

14-year-old teenager Ren Keiyu from China has grown to 7.2 ft and continues to grow. The young man, known under the pseudonym Xiaoyu, has submitted an application to the Guinness Book of Records in the nomination “the tallest teenager in the world.”

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The young man went to fix the record on October 18, on his birthday. Such a large growth in a young man is not caused by a genetic disorder. According to him, this is due to genetics, since all of the boy’s relatives are quite tall. At the same time, Keiyu was taller than his peers from childhood.

Doctors repeatedly examined the young man. However, they always said that he was okay.

At the age of 3, Keiyu reached a height of 5.3 ft, and at 11 – 6.7 ft. He continues to grow, so the teachers at school regularly change the desk so that the teenager is comfortable studying. Also, the management of the educational institution once a year gives the teenager a new school uniform.

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As for the relationship with peers, then Keiyu does not have to complain. Children love him and jokingly call him “little Yao Ming”, a former Chinese basketball player who played in the NBA (his height is 7.5 ft).

The young man himself is not going to play basketball, he has flat feet and chondroma – cartilaginous tumors, reports The Sun.

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