Chinese man was struck by lightning twice in five minutes and survived

A man named Liu Shifu from Zunyi County in China’s Guizhou Province experienced two lightning strikes within five minutes. Although he sustained severe burns, he managed to survive, reports

The likelihood of an individual getting struck by lightning is believed to be only 1 in 15 thousand. Being struck twice is even rarer, and experiencing this phenomenon twice in just five minutes is nothing short of incredible.

Around a month ago, Liu was working outdoors near his residence when rapidly darkening clouds signaled the onset of a thunderstorm. As Liu was in a hurry to find cover, he suddenly collapsed onto the pavement, becoming the victim of a lightning strike.

He remained unconscious for a brief period before regaining his senses. He attempted to rush towards his wife and children, who were watching him with fear from outside their house. However, before he could reach them, another blinding bolt of lightning struck him again, causing him to collapse once more and lose consciousness.

This time, his unconscious state lasted longer, and upon waking, his family promptly called for an ambulance. Medical professionals at the hospital confirmed that Liu had indeed suffered two lightning strikes. His injuries included severe burns, including third-degree burns, on his lower back, buttocks, and thighs.

These burns were so deep that even after a month had passed, they had not fully healed. Liu still endures the wounds, although his overall condition is considered stable.

“I was knocked out immediately at the time, and it took a few moments for me to wake up,” Liu said. “Then the light came again, and the lightning struck down as I was lying on the ground. Although I was aware of being electrocuted, I didn’t know that the entire ground was also electrified.”

Liu stated that he views himself as a benevolent person who strives to assist others. Thus, he did not anticipate undergoing such a “divine punishment.”

Dr. Tang Jie, a burn specialist at Guigang Hospital, emphasized that surviving a single lightning strike is akin to narrowly escaping death. Cases akin to Liu’s are exceedingly unusual.

Dr. Tang elaborated that the necrotic tissue caused by lightning-induced burns tends to thicken, leading to additional cleaning and extended recovery procedures for Liu’s wounds.

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