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Chinese doctors turn black due to coronavirus

Coronavirus-infected Chinese doctors from Wuhan Central Hospital were confronted with unexpected consequences of COVID-19. Two medical workers started having hormone problems and the skin on their whole body turned black.

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According to the publication, doctors Yu Fang and Hu Weifeng became infected with coronavirus during the treatment of patients at the Wuhan Central Hospital in January this year.

The illness of medical workers was severe. The extracorporeal membrane oxygenation method (the method of oxygen saturation of the blood) helped to cope with the disease.

Other doctors drew attention to the unexpected consequences of the disease – Yu Fang and Hu Weifeng’s skin turned black unnaturally.

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Later it became known that the cause of the color change was a hormonal imbalance, which was caused by damage to the liver as a result of the spread of coronavirus throughout the body.

“I feel much better, but it’s still difficult for me to move independently. I am glad that I’m recovering, but my skin condition shocked me,” Dr. Yu Fang admitted.

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The attending doctor expressed the hope that the skin color of both colleagues will normalize after a complete restoration of the liver.

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