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corona virus

Chinese coronavirus can kill 30 million people in six months

The panic is beginning to cover not only the Chinese, whose government quarantined the whole city of 11 million people, but also the world.

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Videos from China resemble a creepy movie about the zombie apocalypse. Nobody knows exactly what to fight with and how.

Some experts believe that the answer to the epidemic should not be sought in the present, but in the past. According to Bill Gates, various strains occur at regular intervals.

They spread around the world, claiming a huge number of lives. The world is not ready for any kind of pandemic, while the likelihood of its occurrence is huge.

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It complicates the situation fact that today people can travel between continents in just a couple of hours. The Institute for disease modeling presented a map showing that in 6 months a new strain could kill 30 million people. In 1918, similar flu killed 50 million people.

One needs to prepare for a pandemic as seriously as preparing for a war. The spread of coronavirus continues, no one really knows how to pacify the problem.

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