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China plans to send people to the moon in the coming years

China intends to continue developing its space program, which could send people to the surface of the moon in the coming years.

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Recently, the local space agency released a five-year plan for the development of the industry.

In the coming years, China intends to actively develop space infrastructure, and the development of new generation space ships will continue.

In addition, considerable attention is paid to the exploration of the moon. In particular, the study of the latter will take place, including through probes.

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Several automatic vehicles will be sent there to study the poles, as there are suspicions that water ice may be concentrated there. One of them will return to Earth with the collected samples, the second will be engaged in conducting analyzes in the zone of permanent shadow.

As part of the creation of a research station on the Blue Planet satellite, Beijing intends to establish cooperation with international partners. Chinese specialists will take over the technical part of being in space.

In particular, the construction of the orbital station will continue, satellite technologies will be updated, missile launch systems will also be improved, and the latter will acquire new engines.

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