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Children talk about how they died on September 11, 2001

Many remember the day when the Twin Towers in the United States were destroyed by suicide bombers on hijacked planes. A total of 2996 people died on September 11, 2001.

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Several years passed and children began to appear, who began to talk about that terrible day, who they were and how they died. At the moment, there are several known cases of reincarnation, which we will tell you about.

“I worked here”

This amazing story has been told by several media outlets. Riss White, who usually publishes reincarnation stories on the Web, described how her daughter, who at that time was only four years old (2018), looked at photographs of the north tower taken before the terrorist attack, and said that she worked there.

“She said she was working there and suddenly the floor got very hot,” White explained. “So she stood on the table. She said that she and her colleagues tried to leave through the door, but could not open it, so she jumped out of the window and flew like a bird. ”

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White assures that her daughter has never seen photographs before and has not heard anything about the 9/11 attacks.

“I was on the 110th floor”

Cade started having nightmares at the age of three. He screamed in his sleep about planes crashing into buildings, the Statue of Liberty and a broken leg.

Then he began to make drawings of two skyscrapers with a man falling from them. Cade’s stories led his parents to believe he was present during the 9/11 tragedy.

Cade even remembered his old name – Robert Pattison, who had an office in the North Tower. From his office, he could see the Statue of Liberty.

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The boy, who in a past life was a veteran of the US Air Force, described in detail how on the day of the attacks the roof collapsed over him, and he could not get to the stairs.

“I was on the 110th floor on the fateful day.”

Subsequent investigation revealed that there was a man in the Twin Tower that day by the name of Robert Pattison, a veteran of the United States Air Force who actually worked in the north tower.

“I was a firefighter and couldn’t help them!”

American Rachel Nolan spoke about her 4-year-old son Thomas, who talked about the tragic day and the fact that he was a firefighter.

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“I don’t just want to be a firefighter, I’ve always been a firefighter!” Thomas said. “I went to work in the morning and took off my fire protection suit in the evening.”

He also explained that he used an ax to contain the fire behind the walls and avoid danger. Rachel thought it was just his imagination until one day when Thomas saw a picture of the World Trade Center in a magazine and said:

“The bad guys burned down these buildings, people had to jump, and I could not help them,” stressed the kid. “People were waiting for the firemen, they were waiting for me, but I could not come to help them.”

Buried under the rubble

Mother Lucia claimed that at the age of four, her son began to describe what happened to him on September 11, 2001. Her son said that he was a worker who died as a result of the terrorist attacks. When the kid saw a photograph of the towers, he showed the window where he was working.

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He even told his mother that he felt the building fall. But the most frightening thing was that he was still buried there.

Can science prove the existence of reincarnation?

Researchers in this field note that young children, who are about 3-5 years old, most often recall their past life. Their words, as well as knowledge and strange behavior that came out of nowhere, as a rule, suggest only one single thought – reincarnation exists.

But it is especially shocking when everything that the children talk about is confirmed by facts, for example, they talk with incredible accuracy about the people with whom they lived and where their home was.

In many cases, it has been proven that the child’s testimony exactly matches the facts of the life and death of the deceased person.

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Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, as children get older, their memories disappear. This usually happens by age 7.

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  1. FYI, There is a new video on Youtube titled, “The Tragic Reincarnation Story of a Firefighter”. They took the information from Carol Bowman’s essay entry she did a while back.

  2. Dear Sir/Md

    I live north of Brussels and dreamt about 9/11 the night before and told it to several people. I swear it is through. Since 9/11 I am trying to understand how it works and how that can be possible. Many other people had those experiences. What can be the explaination? I knew it had to do with NATO in my dream. In my dreams I could swell the smoke and I couldn’t breath, had the feeling of dying, everything was black and many noises.

    Best regards

    Bruno Pinkhof

  3. I believe there are coded references to reincarnation in the Bible. Even after the Council kicked much of the information out. For example, “In my house there are many mansions.” can be read as “many lives”. There are other examples; books have been written regarding this subject.

  4. How does reincarnation fit in with the Bible? Not sure I can accept this being a Christian. Not saying that anyone is lying I’m just saying I can’t understand how this will work?

    • Just because the Bible does not state it does not mean it’s not in the realm of possibilities. I am a very strong Christian, with both parents in the Ministry, I had past life experiences, which I was able to describe in great detail, names addresses, etc…. researched and linked to facts.. There were no computers or the technology available to me as a 4-5 year old. Anyway .. the Bible was authored by men, translated many times, It’s ok to have faith and your heart full and still have an open mind. xo

  5. I cannot imagine why a parent would hide their childs experiences in shame. Time to stop hiding in shame and acknowledge our spirit exists in other forms and lifetimes. Time to move forward and evolve.

  6. I cannot imagine why a parent would publicize this. Maybe they are compelled to believe it. But why share this with the world? What are the consequences to their children for doing so???? I can only imagine why, and it has nothing to do with the welfare of their children.

    • My son has a story of his reincarnation and although I support him through understand it, I have not publicized because the families of the victims are still grieving. This is a depth of mysterious some can not understand. Some do not believe in reincarnation.

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