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Chechen albino girl with different eyes shocked Internet with unusual beauty

A very rare combination of albinism and eyes of different colors turned the girl from Chechnya into an incredible “beauty from a fairy tale”. So many commentators on social networks call her, also predicting that with age the girl will become even more beautiful.

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The Internet is full of photos of beautiful girls, but not every day you come across that type of beauty that is breathtaking.

An 11-year-old girl from Chechnya (Russia), Amina Ependieva, is one of these – nature endowed her with a striking appearance.

Amina has an extremely rare partial albinism, combined with an even rarer heterochromia – eyes of different colors. Her hair is mostly white, one eye is light blue and the other is brown. Amina’s eyelashes are as white as her hair, and her skin is very fair.

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Photos of Amina Ependieva, taken by a Chechen woman photographer Amina Arsakova, were posted on Instagram five months ago, but only now they gained great popularity on social networks.

Most people praise the unearthly beauty of a girl, but there are those who ask if this is photoshop.

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The photographer claims that the girl is real and that she was fortunate enough to discover this rare beauty.

According to reporters, the girl lives in the small town of Kurchaloy. Her combination of albinism and heterochromia is very unusual and, from a medical point of view, extremely rare.

In addition to this information, nothing more is known about the girl; it is possible that her parents carefully protect her from the attention of the press.

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Nevertheless, in the comments on these pictures you can find people who claim that such a girl actually lives in Kurchaloy and that in reality she is even more beautiful than in these photos.

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