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Chakras – When You Want Them Open And When Closed

ChakrasChakras are the major energy vortices in the body that correspond to the major glands, arteries, veins and nerves. Energy flows in and out of your chakras, and when you manage to keep them healthy, balanced and unblocked you’ll find that you’re feeling fitter, more functional and more at peace.

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One of the biggest confusions about chakras is whether to keep them open or closed. Some argue that the chakras should always be open to allow the optimal flow of energy. Other argue that they should be kept closed most of the time to protect oneself from undesirable energy.

Chakras are more like the windows in your house – there are times when you want them open, and times when you want to batten down the hatches. Knowing when to open and when to close them can keep your chakras healthy and in good order.


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On any given day, you should open your chakras at least for a while. Go back to the window analogy—when you keep them closed down too often, the room would get stale, unhealthy and uncomfortable. In most cases you want air to circulate around the room; with your body, you want your energy and the energy around you to circulate or you can become shut down, shut off, stagnant and even ill.

When you are out on your normal routine and everything is going well, it’s fine to keep your chakras open to promote that flow. When you’re with those you love, when you’re trying to communicate with others, empathize or otherwise relate to them it’s good to have the chakras open.

Keeping them open also keeps your own intuitions sharper; when the chakras close down, that energy you might pick up on isn’t going to get through the portal.

When you or anyone else is working on your chakras to help heal, align or balance them, they should be opened. When you are in any kind of healing treatment—whether it’s chemotherapy or on antibiotics or physical therapy—you should keep them open.

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Spiritual experiences, such as meditations, prayers, going to services, etc., are also important for keeping the chakras open—particularly the crown chakra (the one at the top of your head through which you commune with your higher power).


There are definitely times when you do not want your chakras open. Again, think of it like your windows: you want them closed when the weather’s bad, when threats are around, or when you’re going out.

You want your chakra closed when there is bad energy around. When you are encountering particularly negative people or situations, you can try to protect yourself by closing them down. For example, if you know that your very toxic aunt is showing up at Thanksgiving dinner, you can help protect yourself from some of her negative energy and venom by closing up the chakras before you arrive.

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If you feel you are in the presence of a person or entity who would feed on your energy, such as a psychic vampire, you might close your chakras off to protect yourself. That will inhibit anyone from draining you.

Likewise, if you’re in the presence of someone who you feel would use their psychic abilities inappropriately—perhaps an intuitive friend who tries to ‘read’ you and dig into your subconscious against your will—you can close up the chakras to block that person.

If you’re going to visit someone who is ill, or be in a place where people are very ill like a hospital or hospice, close them up to prevent some of that negative energy from getting in.

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Finally, if you’re astral projecting, you may want to close up shop before allowing your soul to leave your body—except for the vortices through which you’ll be entering and exiting. This will keep your body protected while you’re ‘out’.

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