Chain of alleged Bigfoot footprints found in Canada

A resident of Alberta, Canada, posted on the Reddit site, in the Bigfoot community, photos of strange footprints that he found in the local forest.

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The chain of footprints looks as if a person walked measuredly among the trees. But each footprint was three times the size of a human foot. Each footprint is about 30 inches (76 cm) long.

The man found the chain of these footprints in Kananaskis County, a remote region of Alberta that contains several forest parks and is surrounded by mountains – in other words, the typical Bigfoot habitat.

In one of the pictures, the author put his foot on the track so that you can see that the prints are really huge.

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A lot of community users agreed that the footprints look very believable.

“This could be a real thing. It looks like most normal bipedal footprints, but with a distinct left and right footprint. They look deep enough – there’s no way a small animal could have left such a deep imprint,” wrote one user.

Another suggested that the footprints could have been left by a “big alpha male yeti” and stated that he himself had also seen similar footprints in northern Canada, but they were much smaller.

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“The footprints are in a line, one foot right in front of the other, although the fingerprints on them are really strange (the middle toe is longer than the others, so this is definitely not a normal human foot),” wrote another user.

Later, the author of the photo added in a post that he would return to the same place on February 7 to study these prints.

And today he wrote that he went into the forest and found with regret that the chain of these footprints had already been covered with snow.

“I got back to the site today and unfortunately the tracks were covered in snowdrifts. But I’m going to try to look around a few different places near where I found them, hoping to find fresh tracks. If I’m successful, I’ll post them”.

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