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CCTV camera caught a ghost appearing out of thin air and walking through a wall

The Humansville, Missouri Paranormal Society’s Facebook page recently posted a video reportedly filmed by a local convenience store’s security camera.

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The camera filmed how a shapeless whitish cloud or haze forms in the air of the utility room, which takes on a human form in a couple of seconds. This figure moves forward towards the wall, then “enters the wall” and disappears.

The witness stated the following: “This video is from a Dollar General Store in Humansville, Missouri around 2 am. My Wife Katrina used to work there, she said they would often hear the cooler doors banging shut.

“Humansville has a lot of History including the Battle of Humansville. Our town is very haunted, that’s why I stick with a two-county area.”

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In the comments to the video, it is reported that this store was built on the foundations of an old water tower and that store employees previously often reported that incomprehensible activity was taking place in the room – for example, refrigerator doors slammed shut on their own.

Skeptics have already called what was filmed on camera simply a “failure of technology”, but there are many times more supporters of the fact that a ghost was filmed on video.

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