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CCTV camera captured a goblin-like creature running across the road

In the quiet of a Monterrey, Mexico, farm, a security camera aimed at a dusty road captured an unusual sight in January—a small, dark figure darting across the terrain on two legs.

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The footage reveals a diminutive creature emerging from the dense foliage flanking the road, moving with haste and purpose before disappearing into the opposite thicket, reports

The bipedal nature of its movement is the primary source of wonder, as it suggests a posture and gait not commonly associated with the local wildlife.

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Online communities have been abuzz with theories, with a portion of the audience inclined to believe that they’ve witnessed a creature of folklore come to life—a goblin, as some assert.

This interpretation conjures images of mythical beings that have permeated cultural stories for generations, often described as mischievous or elusive.

Conversely, there are those who approach the video with a more analytical eye, suggesting that the figure could be an animal native to the region, its appearance distorted by the camera’s perspective or the play of light and shadow.

This group calls for a rational explanation, pointing out that the natural world is full of anomalies that can sometimes be mistaken for the supernatural.

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Was it a transient anomaly, a trick of the light, or something truly unexplained?

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