Cat was found in the morgue eating corpses

A shocking discovery was made in a hospital in Vantaa, Finland, when a cat was found eating corpses in the morgue. The animal had a sad and lonely life, as he was emaciated, neglected and had no owner who cared for him, reports

The cat was discovered by a hospital employee who saw him sneaking into the morgue through a ventilation shaft and feeding on the bodies of the deceased.

The employee was horrified by the sight and alerted the animal protection authorities, who came to the hospital and took the cat to a shelter.

The cat was in a very poor condition when he arrived at the shelter. He was skinny, dirty and had parasites on his fur and skin.

He also had a microchip implanted in his neck, but it turned out that his registered owner had died a long time ago and no one had adopted him afterwards. The cat had been living on the streets, scavenging for food and shelter.

The cat was named Rontti, which means “rascal” in Finnish. He was given medical treatment and food at the shelter, but he did not show much interest in humans or other cats.

He seemed to be traumatized by his experiences and preferred to be alone. He rarely played or cuddled with anyone, and often hid in a corner.

The shelter staff tried to find a new home for Rontti, but they did not succeed. No one wanted to adopt a cat that had eaten human flesh, as they found it disgusting and disturbing.

Rontti now are spending his last days at the shelter.

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