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Cannibal killer with human flesh in suitcase arrested at Portuguese airport

Media in Portugal describe a shocking story about a cannibal, which is now being investigated by the local police. The man was detained at the Lisbon airport last Sunday and suspicious meat was found in the suitcase he had with him. Testing showed that it was human flesh.

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Begolea Mendez Fernandes, 25, was detained by immigrant border officials who initially suspected he had fake documents. When checking the identity, it turned out that this man was wanted on suspicion of the murder of 21-year-old Alan Lopez from Amsterdam.

How exactly Lopez was killed is not reported, but it is indicated that a “serious violent crime” was committed and the police suspect the killer of acts of cannibalism.

The body of the murdered man was found in his house, where his relatives, including his mother and two sisters, also lived. How a murder with acts of cannibalism could have been committed there is unknown.

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The sister of the victim told the press that Fernandes was close friends with her brother and regularly stayed overnight at their house.

After López’s death, Fernandes hurriedly fled from Amsterdam to Lisbon and was detained while trying to get out of the Lisbon airport.

“A 26-year-old man suspected of murder in the Netherlands was arrested at the Lisbon airport on Monday. Fernandes gained border officers’ attention because he had a bandage on his right hand. When they inspected his suitcase, they found the meat along with bloodstained clothing,” a spokesman for the Portuguese Border and Immigrant Service said.

However, when an examination of the human meat found in Fernandes’s suitcase was carried out, it turned out that these pieces did not belong to the murdered Lopez.

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Thus, it is assumed that the cannibal killed another person. Rumors are already circulating on social media that Fernandes could be a cannibal serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer (an American cannibal who killed at least 17 people between 1978 and 1991).

At the moment, the investigation has just begun, and therefore few details of this nightmarish incident have gotten into the press.

Fernandes is currently under police arrest at the Santa Maria hospital in the Portuguese capital and is expected to face extradition to the Netherlands.

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