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Candle Magic For Couples Trying To Conceive

Candle roseCouples trying to conceive may want to put a little magic behind their efforts—candle magic that is. Candle magic is an ancient art; the energy raised by dressing (rubbing with oil) and chanting around the candle is released and focused toward your goal through the flame. Though one of the most simple magical arts to learn and master, candle magic remains among the most potent and beautiful.

If you’re trying to conceive, it may be worth the investment in a candle and a few supplies to try and up your odds. Try this candle magic working to boost your efforts. After all, it pays to cover all your bases.


For this candle magic working, you’ll need three pillar candles. If you get the candles that are in glass jars, be sure to get the candles that can be removed and put back in the jars. You don’t want candles that are poured and molded into glass containers or you won’t be able to properly “dress” them (rub them with oil and charge them).

The first should be orange— orange is the color of vitality and creative energies, it is the life force that awakens primal urges and sparks new life.

The second should be green— green is the most potent symbol of fertility. Just look at nature, at the verdant Earth bursting with green life. Green is also associated with heart-felt love of home and family, which is appropriate for bringing a child into your family.

The final candle should be white—it symbolizes the pure, radiant spirit. Your spirit is ready to welcome a new member of your family, and you are trying to coax a new spirit into your life through conception.

You will also need a photo of yourselves, some olive oil and a hazelnut—a traditional fertility amulet.


Ideally, the mother and father should sit together, facing each other. Hold the bowl of olive oil between you. Draw a blessing symbol (such as a cross, a pentagram or some other meaningful religious symbol) over the bowl of oil with your fingers and pour your heart out in prayer for fertility.

The man should hold the orange candle around the base, and the woman should rub olive oil on it from top to bottom (or as close as she can get to the bottom with the man’s hands around it). While doing this, both of you should focus on your intent.

Repeat the process with the green candle, and finally the white candle.

Place the photo of yourselves on a surface safe for burning candles, and place the hazelnut on top of the photo. Place the candles in a triangle formation around the photo. The white should be the top point, the orange to the right lower point, and the green to the left lower point.

Starting at the new moon, and light the three candles. Start with the orange, saying, “our minds are ready for a child.”

Light the green saying, “our bodies are ready for a child.”

Finally light the white candle saying, “our spirits are ready for a child.”

Each of you hold both hands high above the candle flames so you aren’t burned; focus on your goal—to have a baby—and say together, “May the desire of mind, body and spirit connect and bring forth a new life.”

Light the candles every night for the next nine nights, and allow them each to burn for nine minutes before extinguishing them.

After the ninth night, claim the hazelnut and the woman should keep it on her person day and night. When you are trying to conceive thereafter, light the candles.

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