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Canadian pilots report two “dancing UFOs” flying over Yellowknife

The incident, which occurred on January 29, 2023, raised many questions about what the crew of the charter flight ATR 42-500 observed in the sky while flying over Canada.

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According to the report of the pilots, at about 11:15 pm, flying over the Canadian city of Yellowknife, they observed two mysterious lights in the sky.

“We’re looking at two lights dancing here.”

In the audio recording, the crew can be heard telling Yellowknife controllers that they observed two lights “dancing” in the sky. As they approached the airport, the lights seemed to move from the east to the northwest of the city.

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However, the air traffic controller on the ground reported that he saw nothing on the radar and had no sign of any other objects in the sky.

The incident was reported using the CIRVIS (Critical Intelligence Reporting Instructions) protocols used by pilots to report UFO sightings or enemy aircraft. According to the incident report, the crew members were unable to explain what kind of lights they were observing.

While there is no clear explanation for what the Canadian North crew saw, the report and audio recording have added intrigue to the ongoing debate about UFO sightings and their authenticity.

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Whether it was a weather balloon, a meteorite, a rocket, or a UFO, the incident aroused the interest of many ufologists.

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