Canadian government’s top science advisor on UFOs: We’re taking this seriously

The Canadian government’s top scientific advisor says her office will release a public UFO report by early fall, reports

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Speaking to lawmakers in Ottawa last week, Mona Nemer also said that more can be done to make UFO information available to Canadians.

“I think that there is room for improvement in terms of the gathering, reporting on the information, and also making it available to researchers and to the public,” Nemer told Parliament’s science and research committee.

“I can appreciate that some, you know, may be of national security concern, but I believe that by and large, that you can make the information public – and I think that’s the best way to mitigate conspiracy theories and disinformation.”

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In March 2023, revealed the existence of the office’s Sky Canada Project, which is the first known official Canadian UFO study in nearly 30 years.

“We should be on track for releasing the report at the end of summer, early fall,” Nemer said on Tuesday. “I think our report is going to be quite fascinating on the historic front, so stay tuned.”

“The enthusiasm or the responses have been uneven,” Nemer revealed. “Sometimes the information is more complete or, you know, more cryptic than we’d like it to be, which is why in some cases I will be engaging directly with the deputy ministers to make sure that we have the information that we need.”

The Sky Canada Project now even has its own webpage that describes its mission.

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“The Sky Canada Project was launched in the Fall of 2022 to study how Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) reports from the public are managed in Canada and to recommend improvements,” it explains. “The Sky Canada Project supports citizen science and aims to facilitate the collection of observations documenting rare natural phenomena.”

A cardiovascular scientist and former vice-president of research at the University of Ottawa, Nemer has held her current position since it was created in 2017.

“I can tell you that we’re taking this seriously,” Nemer told members of Parliament. “We’re taking a very thorough approach to this and making sure that our recommendations will be based on the best evidence and interactions that we’ve had.”

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