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Can We Escape To A Parallel Universe?

Scientists say there are two possible futures of the universe. The first is that the universe will eventually collapse in on itself in the reverse of the Big Bang. This process is called the “Big Crunch.” Another option is that our Universe will end in a “Big Freeze”, which is also known as the Heat Death.

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Most astronomers and other scientists believe that our Universe will one day end in a “big freeze”. Does it mean it is the end of everything?

Unlike many physicists, Dr. Michi Kaku thinks we might be able to avoid this fate by slipping into a parallel universe “in the same way that Alice entered the looking glass to enter Wonderland.”

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We have previously reported that astronomers have found the first evidence of parallel universes. So, perhaps the idea that we can escape from our own Universe and enter another reality is not so far-fetched after all.

One way of studying the expansion of the Universe is to examine the Doppler shift, explains Dr. Kaku in his video.

He says that “when we look in the heavens, we look at starlight emitted from distant galaxies and we find that the light is slightly reddish. Redder than it’s supposed to be. That means that these objects, the gigantic galaxies are moving away from us and therefore the universe is expanding.

Well, we could run the video tape backwards, and by running the video tape backwards we could then calculate when all these galaxies came from a single point. And that’s how we calculate the age of the universe, by simply hitting the rewind button when we calculate the expansion of the universe.

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So by running the video tape backwards, we see that the universe is about 13.7 billion years old, plus or minus 1%.

So, we now know the age of the universe. 13.7 billion years by running the video tape backwards.

But what happens if we hit fast forward. What happens if we go forward in time billions of years? Well, here it gets murkier.

But by analyzing how the universe has been expanding in the past, we used to think that the universe is slowing down.

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We used to think the universe is aging and therefore it’s slowing down; running out of steam. Wrong. We now believe that the universe is speeding up.

It’s actually accelerating, in runaway mode which means that in stead of dying in a big crunch, we’ll probably die in a big freeze. We’re not positive. We don’t know if this will keep on going for billions of years. But if so, the universe is in a runaway mode.

It means that one day, perhaps when we look at the night sky; perhaps we’ll see almost nothing because the distant galaxies are so far that light cannot even reach our telescopes. Not a pleasant thought. But our universe may eventually die in a big freeze rather than a big crunch.”

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Of course, it will take a long time before the Universe end in a big freeze, but no-one does really know when it can happen.

“Nobody knows when this big freeze will take place, or if it will ever take place. However, estimates have been made, perhaps hundreds of billions of years, perhaps trillions of years. One day it will get so cold that you’ll look at the night sky and it will be almost totally black.

All the stars will have exhausted all of their nuclear fuel, the universe will consist of neutron stars, dead black holes, the temperature will reach near absolute zero, and at that point even consciousness, even thought itself, cannot exist, and some people think that perhaps the laws of physics are a death warrant to all intelligent life; that we’re all going to die when the universe freezes over”, Dr. Kaku says.

That is the bad news, but there is some good news too. Assuming that humanity still exists and achieves a much higher technological level, it is possible to survive by escaping to another parallel universe.

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Dr. Kaku says that: “there’s a loophole in the laws of physics. In trillions of years from now, perhaps intelligent life will be able to master what is called, “The Planck Energy.” The Planck Energy is the ultimate energy. It’s the energy of the Big Bang. It’s the energy at which gravity itself begins to breakdown.

You know that if you have a microwave oven and you heat it up, you can take ordinary water and make it boil; ice can melt, water can boil. But what happens if you crank up that microwave oven even more?

Eventually, the steam starts to break up into oxygen and hydrogen. If you crank it up some more, all of a sudden ions form; atoms themselves begin to rip apart. And then if you crank up that microwave oven even more, then even the nucleus begins to break apart and you get a plasma of protons and neutrons. You crank it up some more and you get a gluon plasma. And if you crank it some more to this incredible energy.

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Ten to the 19 billion electron volts, we’re not sure, but perhaps even space itself begins to boil. Even space time becomes unstable. Bubbles begin to form at this Planck Energy. And perhaps these bubbles are gateways. Gateways to a parallel universe.

Of course, we’re not sure about this. This pure speculation, but there are theories that say that there could be universes right next to our universe. And in fact, the Large Hadron Collider will give us the first experimental evidence about the existence of parallel universes.

So, think of us as ants living on a sheet of paper, but perhaps there are other parallel sheets of paper with other ants living on them. And perhaps we are very close to these other universes, but we can’t reach them. The energy necessary to reach a parallel universe would be the Planck Energy, 10 to the 19 billion electron volts.

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I would suppose that trillions of years from now, intelligent life, facing the ultimate demise of the universe itself might decide to leave the universe. To leave our universe and enter a parallel universe in the same way that Alice entered the looking glass to enter Wonderland.”


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