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Cam Footage: Entity arrives through a portal in the National Park

Veteran paranormal investigator Scott Carpenter has been an amateur Bigfoot Researcher since 2009. He first encountered Bigfoot as a child when two infants peered through a glass door at him.

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Scott has gone on to record many videos using his unique “backtrail camera”.

Scott is the author of four books and three active blogs on the subject to include: “The Bigfoot Field Journal Volumes I & II”, “The Dogman, Monsters Are Real”, and his latest release “The Nephilim Among Us”. Scott researches the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, collecting evidence and videos from the park.

On another such walk, Scott walks along a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and, as always, shoots everything on a body camera during walks in the forest.

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Because the footage often showed nothing out of the ordinary, he came up with the idea of strapping a camera to his backpack, but pointing it backwards to see if anything was happening behind him as he walked.

After reviewing the video he noticed that something really strange had happened behind him during his walk and after analyzing the footage frame by frame it appears that some kind of vortex is coming up and an entity manifesting in that portal.

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You can clearly see the creature in the center of the sphere, recognizable by its head, shoulders, arms and legs.

Since Scott is unaware of what is happening behind him, he continues walking until the path curves and the orb and creature are out of sight, resulting in the camera only capturing the unnatural event for a few seconds.

Watch the stunning footage analyzed frame by frame by Scott Carpenter and L.A. Marzulli.

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