Brushing your teeth is one of the guarantees of long life, scientists says

For many, longevity seems like an unattainable goal, but with the help of certain habits and a healthy lifestyle, you can easily maintain your health. Doctors emphasize the fact that longevity is largely dependent on some of the habits that people exhibit every day, reports Daily Express.

For example, experts advise not only to brush your teeth twice a day with a paste containing fluoride, but also to use dental floss or a special interdental brush.

Due to this, it will be possible not only to make the teeth healthier, but also to strengthen the whole body in general, to prolong its life.

The condition of the oral cavity directly affects the condition of the whole organism. That is why doctors recommend paying special attention to the condition of the teeth and choosing high-quality toothpastes for cleaning.

It is also worth using not only a standard toothbrush, but also dental floss for a more thorough cleaning.

The Journal of Periodontal published the results of another study, which states that dental problems can lead to poor absorption of food by the body. In addition, people with bad teeth are more likely to suffer from a variety of heart diseases.

Also, doctors concluded that regular use of dental floss will help reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease and other pathologies of this organ.

They talked about the fact that periodontitis, which affects the gums, is directly related to coronary artery disease. Keep in mind that bad teeth significantly increase the risk of harmful bacteria entering the bloodstream.

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