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British scientists have solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Scientists from the University of Southampton (UK) have found that the cause of the mysterious disappearance in the famous Bermuda Triangle of about a hundred ships over the past century could be huge waves.

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The results of the study are published by the Sailing Scuttlebutt portal.

Scientists in the laboratory tested one of the most popular versions. It lies in the fact that giant waves that suddenly arise due to the peculiarities of the local climate become the cause of the death of ships. They are caused by atmospheric currents, and the height of the waves can reach 30 meters. Scientists have simulated such a storm.

For analysis, the researchers used a real-life 180-meter American vessel “Cyclops” (USS Cyclops). In 1918, it left the port of Rio de Janeiro with a cargo of manganese ore and 300 passengers on board. The ship mysteriously disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle.

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The experiment showed that the Cyclops, under the influence of 30-meter waves, would go under water in just a few minutes, breaking in half. According to study author Simon Bosall, a similar fate likely befell other missing ships.

“In the Bermuda Triangle, you can observe up to three powerful storms converging in one place. There are simply ideal conditions for creating giant waves. Their height can even exceed 30 meters, they are very steep and potentially destructive for any vessel,” the scientist said.

Prior to this, various researchers have put forward several versions of the riddle of the Bermuda Triangle. For example, they believed that the ships were thrown off course due to the fast current of the Gulf Stream.

According to the second version, powerful methane emissions could regularly occur from under the shelf – the burning gas compresses the water and therefore the ships simply sank.

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