British Ministry of Defense: UFO reports come from ‘trustworthy’ people

Today, reports of UFOs have become commonplace. Therefore, the governments of individual countries even undertook to investigate this issue more carefully.

First, the US published a report on the meeting of the US military with unidentified objects. And now the British Ministry of Defense has decided to figure out what is still going on. The department noted that the presence of UFOs was reported mainly by persons who are “trustworthy”.

In particular, representatives of the Ministry of Defense note that air traffic control specialists, pilots, and police officers often become eyewitnesses of unidentified flying objects. And these are representatives of those professions that will not report trifling events.

In addition, the department says that recently the frequency of reports of UFOs has increased significantly.

In recent years, hundreds of reports have been registered that describe suspicious activity in the sky. Therefore, these messages should not be ignored.

The kingdom’s leading UFO expert, Nick Pope, who has been studying the subject for several years, is confident that Britain should not ignore what is happening. The country must once again return to the search for evidence that aliens are surrounding our planet.

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