Bright UFO observed in Brazil during the day

May 18, 2020 in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), one of the most impressive evidence of the existence of UFOs was obtained.

On this day, a bright spherical object was filmed on the mobile phone’s camera, hovering relatively low above the ground.

A local resident Beatrice Venturini heard the cries of her children, and, running to find out what happened, she saw a luminous ball hovering above the city buildings.

The UFO soared for a while above the ground, and then simply disappeared, forcing eyewitnesses to open their mouths in surprise.

Many ufologists paid attention to the date of this incident – May 18, 2020. On that day the ISS camera recorded something resembling a large group of UFOs moving from Earth into outer space.

What is happening on Earth?

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a journalist and a most prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and unexplained since childhood.

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