Break Addiction Spell

Like a dance, an addiction finds a pattern by which to step seamlessly into a person’s life, luring and condemning, comforting and destroying. Below you can find casting instructions for Break Your Addiction.

You will need the following items for this spell:

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Black Candle
Pinch of Rue
Pinch of Yarrow
Pinch of Sand
Pinch of Salt
Tumbled Amethyst
Black sachet
Mortar and pestle (or bowl and spoon)
Bayberry Incense

Set up your altar as you see fit for this spell. When ready invoke the gods of your pantheon. Particularly gods to give you strength and break down obstacles (Herakles, Hercules, Thor, Ganesh) Do not invoke gods that you do not know of nor gods not of your faith.

Now say your first prayers to the invoked gods. And then give your offerings, including the incense.

Take up the candle in hand and charge the candle with black banishment energy. Speak the following 9 times:

“Candle of the universe so black
banish my ill habits and send them back.
This I wish, This I pray
Tomorrow is the start of a better day.”

Place in your mortal the herbs listed and the salt and sand. With your pestle start mixing them together. (counterclockwise, as you are doing a mixture to banish your addictions) As you do start to empower the ingredients through the pestle/spoon with black light and energy of banishment. As you do this say the following 9 times

“Herbs here-in here my plea
Take my addictions away from me.
Sand and salt ward these ills away
Help make me a better person this way.
I banish that which is bad for me
And as I will it, so mote it be.”

Now place the candle down and light it. Take the sachet and fill it with the mixture. To it add the amethyst. Now seal it tight. Hold it in your hand and say the second set of prayers to the gods, asking for their help to rid you of your bad habits and/or addictions.

Place the sachet down on the altar next to the candle and let the candle burn down and out on its own.

the next day and from that day forward carry the sachet with you always till your ill addiction is completely gone. When you feel your addictive patterns rising up, bring your focus to the bag and “breathe” in its essence and scent.

Take the necessary steps both in the moment and in life to conquer any dependencies.

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