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Giant anaconda

Brazil: Giant anacondas have begun to crawl into cities

Giant anacondaYou may be on the lookout for snakes when you are on a hike or in the tall grass, but you probably never expected to come across an giant Anaconda.

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An anaconda, approximately 20 ft long, surprised residents of the Solar dos Lagos neighborhood, this Saturday afternoon – 279 km from Campo Grande. The giant serpent appeared in a pond in the neighborhood and took a few turns through the land in the region.

A video of the moment was recorded and posted on social networks by the travel agent, Gabriela de Brito Silva.

“I was arriving in the neighborhood when I saw a movement of people, I approached and saw that it was a giant anaconda, it gave me goosebumps”.

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Another anaconda of the about same size was seen in the drain on Wednesday (March 8) near an apartment building in Bonito, Mississippi.

The video was posted on a social network by journalist and influencer Carlos Arakaki (resize screen for close up view)

There has been heavy rain in the region, Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and the animals came closer to city limits to avoid flooded areas.

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