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Brave Australian lives a year with a giant spider in his living room

An Australian man shared a frightening photo of a giant spider the size of a human head sitting on the wall in his living room. According to the daredevil, this spider has been living in the house for a whole year.

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For many, a house with such an unusual neighbor would instantly become uninhabitable. But not for this Australian.

A man named Jake Gray from Queensland, Australia, spoke about the fearsome neighbor in a post on his Facebook page. Gray wrote that he had “watched him grow” over the past year. He hopes that over time, the spider will grow even larger.

Would you like to have such a pet at home?

As frightening as the spider may seem, this species is probably not nearly as dangerous. The spider Holconia immanis does produce poison, but it is unlikely that he will be able to use it on humans.

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These spiders prefer not to defend or attack, but to run away and hide. But even if a spider bites a person, the consequences will not be too dire.

Most often, spiders living in the house are completely harmless. Moreover, entomologists advise not to touch them and let the arthropods go about their business. Spiders are important members of the home’s internal ecosystem as they feed on small pests such as flies and mosquitoes.

If you do not want to share a room with an arthropod, then experts advise not to kill, but to immerse it in a container and release it into the street.

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