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Boy’s spirit turned the cart around and directed it towards the car

A strange incident occurred recently in a parking lot next to a store in Dallas, Texas, USA. An empty cart crashed into the man’s car and he believes it was driven by the spirit of a child who is haunting him.

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The surveillance camera filmed how the empty grocery cart stood still and suddenly turned sharply by itself and quickly rolled straight towards the car, crashing into it.

On March 5, 2023, Dallas resident Coby Todd left his grocery store shift late in the evening and walked slowly into the parking lot to his Ford Mustang.

Before he could get into the car, an empty grocery cart crashed into his car. Todd ran out into the street, thinking that someone was a hooligan, only to see that the parking lot was empty.

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Todd, knowing there was a security camera in the parking lot, went back to the store and looked at the footage to find out who pushed the cart at his car. And found that the cart was moving by itself.

It is very difficult to explain this as a gust of wind or inertia, because the cart seemed to be specifically aimed at Todd’s car, deftly bypassing another car standing next to him.

Todd later stated that he seemed to know who pushed the cart at him. He said that just a day before this incident, he visited a local haunted house out of curiosity and assures that he “felt the spirit of a little boy there.” So Todd now thinks that maybe a ghost has begun to haunt him.

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To those who say that the cart just rolled because of a gust of wind, Todd replies that the weather was completely calm that day and that he is convinced that something supernatural happened here.

Also, some skeptics claim that Todd did it himself with a thin fishing line.

But man replied that he was telling the truth: “It’s not fake. Who would deliberately throw a cart at their car and damage it? I just bought this car and it’s like my own baby. The impact of the cart left a big dent in it and it upset me.”

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