Bogota residents witness mysterious glowing UFOs in the sky

If you were in Bogota, Colombia, on Friday night, you might have seen something unusual in the sky: several glowing UFOs that seemed to hover and move in unison.

The strange sight was captured by many witnesses who shared their videos and photos on social media, sparking a lot of speculation and curiosity, reports

The UFOs appeared around 8 pm local time and lasted for about 15 minutes, according to some reports. They were seen in different parts of the city, such as Chapinero, Suba, and Usaquen.

The objects looked like bright orbs. They also seemed to move in a coordinated manner, forming different shapes and patterns.

Some witnesses were amazed and excited by the phenomenon, while others were scared and confused. Some even thought it was a sign of the end of the world or a divine intervention. Many people wondered if they were witnessing an extraterrestrial visitation or a contact event.

However, not everyone was convinced that the UFOs were of alien origin. Some skeptics proposed alternative explanations, such as drones, balloons, flares, or lasers.

Some also pointed out that the UFOs could have been part of a hoax or a prank, possibly inspired by the Project Blue Beam conspiracy theory. This theory claims that the government or other powerful groups are planning to create a fake alien invasion or a religious event using advanced holographic technology.

So far, no official statement has been issued by the authorities or any other organization regarding the UFOs. The origin and nature of the objects remain unknown and unconfirmed.

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