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Blessing candles

Blessing Candles For Spiritual Use

Blessing candlesThere’s something very spiritual about a burning candle. For ages, they’ve been a hallmark in religious practices. It’s hard to think of a church or religious rituals without thinking about candles burning somewhere in the vicinity.

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Where there is a terrible tragedy, you’ll usually find people bringing burning candles to that place to create a temporary shrine. Later, they may gather together for a candlelight vigil.

We light candles to mark marriage, to celebrate births and to honor a loved one who has passed. We light candles to mark sacred holidays or to sit in prayer and commune with a higher power. Even love—one of the most spiritual connections of all—is often associated with two people bonding over candlelight.

If you enjoy using candles for spiritual purposes, consider keeping some on hand and preparing them with the appropriate blessings. You can use these whenever the feeling moves you, or give them as gifts to your loved ones.

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Not all candles are created equal. Before you choose a candle for blessing, it’s good to think about the kind of candle you’re getting. For long-burning purposes, a pillar candle in a glass casing is ideal. It’s even better if the candle is removable. For shorter term purposes, a taper candle in a candle holder works well.

Try to get a candle of decent quality. Cheap candles are usually cheap because they are inferior—they don’t burn well, they may sputter out or wax may pool making it difficult to re-light. They can be made with a lot of fillers, spewing excessive soot, smoke and odors into the air, or having unnatural chemical fragrances that are unappealing.


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Decorating a candle is a great way to make it more conducive to its purpose. Candle carving tools are ideal; you can make designs in the wax, such as words or symbols. You can also paint candles with the desired designs.

Anoint the candle with oils as well. Essential herbal oils can lend energy to the candle that is released through the flame as the candle burns. Flames are purifying of the surrounding area, while the essential oils bring the energies conducive to the occasion.


You can bless your candle before you store it, or once you take it out from storage. Blessings do not wear off. Before blessing the candle, sit with it somewhere and relax. You don’t want to be interrupted for a few minutes, so shut the phone and ask others in the house not to disturb you. Begin by focusing on your breath, in and out, to bring yourself to a mental state of peace.

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Place the candle before you on the table, or on your lap if you’re sitting on a chair. Hold your hands over it with the tips of the two thumbs touching, and the tips of the two forefingers touching. This should create a roughly looking diamond shape between the two hands.

Center that opening between the hands above the candle and say a prayer, asking whatever higher power you believe in to send blessings into the candle. If you’re not religious, you can simply appeal to the universe for spiritual blessings.

Envision a white stream of energy beaming down through that opening in your hands, flowing into the candle. Imagine the candle is soaking it up, and do this until the candle almost seems to be pulsating and crackling with energy.

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If you wish, you can make the sign of a spiritual symbol over the candle. When you’re ready to light it, simply recall that image of the candle, containing blessings that will be released when you burn it.

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