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Black UFO was captured on crystal clear video by a plane passenger

New York City’s skies are no stranger to the bustling activity of airplanes, helicopters, and the occasional flock of birds. However, a recent event has added a new layer of mystery to the airspace over LaGuardia Airport.

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A crystal-clear video (see below) showcasing an unidentified flying object (UFO) has captured widespread attention after going viral, with the individual responsible for the footage stepping forward to recount her experience.

Michelle Reyes, the observer who documented the occurrence, has become a central figure in the unfolding narrative. Her encounter with the unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) occurred as she departed from New York City with her daughter.

Reyes’ initial reaction to her discovery was to inform the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), considering the potential implications for aerial safety.

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However, her outreach was met with silence, prompting her to seek the expertise of UFO research organizations. The lack of acknowledgment from the FAA did not deter the spread of the video, which found a renewed audience following Reyes’ discussion with Ashleigh Banfield of NewsNation.

“When I realized that I had something like this on video, the first thing I did was email the FAA,” she explained, as “maybe it was a safety hazard.”

The story took an intriguing turn when another passenger, having seen Reyes’ video on social media, corroborated the sighting. This second account added credibility to the incident.

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Despite the absence of official recognition, the video has ignited a global conversation, with various media platforms disseminating the perplexing footage.

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